Main Features

Weather-resistant, designed for outdoor placement and operation
Easy to operate with programmable coupon generator
Disposes all types of CFL bulbs, and tubes up to 48" long
Available in 120 VAC, 60 Hz with a 20 amp circuit, other voltages and frequencies available
Easy access for service and maintenance personnel
Low cost and highly efficient replacement parts
Easy maintenance; does not require a third-party handler
Two-Year Limited Warranty on parts and labor
Never have broken bulbs and mercury contamination in your store again
Optional entry port for round bulbs up to 16"
Underwriters Laboratories Approved (File #E356291 Vol. 1; Project #12CA64392)
Turns light bulb waste into ordinary waste for safe and easy disposal
Broken bulb vacuum clean up system
Provides a certified receipt of safe Mercury disposal
Negative air pressure ensures mercury capture from the moment the entry port is touched and opened
Captures all mercury for safe recycling and safe shipping to a recycling center
Made in the USA
Dimensions - 43" tall, 59" wide and 19" deep

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Bulb Terminator


the worlds FIRST & ONLY Consumer Eco-Friendly

Mercury Bulb Recycling Center

for spent energy-saving CFLs Bulbs and Tubes


HOW IT WORKS: The Bulb Terminator, through multiple patent-pending technologies, breaks the bulb and processes the mercury. The waste accumulated of glass, electronic components, metal, and plastic can be disposed of as ordinary waste with no environmental concerns.

PROCESS TIME: It takes about 3 seconds to crush and recycle each bulb.


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