Benefits of Ownership

Great marketing and public relations
Promotes your store as a sustainer of the environment
New and innovative Mercury recapture unit as stated by nationally recognized independent testing lab
Increases foot traffic into retail stores
Attracts and rewards new and repeat customers
Provides customers with your discount coupons
Eliminates costs on recurring box programs
Keeps your storage area free of spent lamps
Eliminates handling by third-party collection companies
Benefits to Customers
Safe and convenient way to dispose of their spent lamps
Fast and easy to use
Discount coupon redeemable inside the store for new purchases
Sense of participation in helping to preserve the environment

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Bulb Terminator


the worlds FIRST & ONLY Consumer Eco-Friendly

Mercury Bulb Recycling Center

for spent energy-saving CFLs Bulbs and Tubes


Our mission is simple: “Develop safe, responsible and cutting-edge environmental products that are an asset to businesses and consumers. Closing the loop on energy and recycling wastefulness, while promoting technologically efficient and eco-friendly products for generations to come.”

The mission statement underscores our company’s willingness as an inventor company to help shape your understanding of the environmental hazards created when mercury-containing compact fluorescent lamps are not properly disposed and our determination to offer innovative technologies and solutions that benefit humankind.


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